My Story

Scentsy has become so much more than I thought it would be. At first I had quite a bit of doubt - I knew I loved the product (my husband knew I did too because he saw the bank account each month), but I was afraid to step out of my comfort zone and assumed I wouldn't be successful  with this business.  Once I finally signed up, it was pretty much to just continue buying from myself and earn free Scentsy!  


However, in under a year, my Scentsy business became much more than I expected and I quickly fell in love with not only the product, but the company as well.  I loved having something for myself as a stay at home mom and took pride in the fact that I could help provide income for my family while being home with my children. I have reached a number of goals that have just pushed me closer to reaching Director of my business!  I have built a team and look forward to helping them grow their business each day, I have attended an event in Orlando and our annual training in Vegas!  That trip changed my business! 


However, to me the best part of this business is how it allows me to work around my life rather than try and fit my life around my work.  I have been lucky enough to stay at home and raise my two little boys and baby girl which I didn't think would be an option (or at least for to long) and it has provided me something that I can do for me and take pride in.  I love being a stay at home mother and supporting my husband's military career, but I found it hard giving up my career of teaching and not having something for my own self fulfillment.  Scentsy has given me that back and so much more!  I have met great people, learned from some of the best in this field, and look forward to "working" every day!  Now, rather than being a consultant to just buy from myself at a discount, I am a Scentsy consultant to help support my family, to help others dreams of having their own business become reality, and to share Scentsy with everyone around me.